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How to plan a self-catering holiday in the Malvern Hills

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Planning a self-catering holiday in the Malvern Hills? Get ready to embrace the freedom and flexibility that comes with preparing your own meals while surrounded by the stunning landscapes of this picturesque destination. In this guide, we'll delve into the key aspects of preparing for a successful self-catering holiday in the Malvern Hills.

1. Create a Culinary Itinerary

The beauty of self-catering holidays lies in the opportunity to create your culinary experiences in a home from home. Consider creating a simple meal plan or experimenting with new recipes that showcase the region's gastronomic delights. Faun has a good bakery and a great selection of pastries and check out Knightwick Butchers for amazing, locally-produced meats.

2. Embrace Outdoor Dining in the Malvern Hills

If you are visiting in the summer, the Malvern Hills offer a stunning backdrop for al fresco dining. Pack a picnic basket and venture into the heart of nature for a memorable dining experience. You can do this up in the Hills themselves or on the many walks around the local villages. Head to Visit The Malverns for details of the local walks available in the area.

3. Pack Smart for the Malvern Hills

One of the perks of self-catering is having your own kitchen at your disposal. But check to see what is included in your self-catering accommodation. You may need to pack essential kitchen tools, utensils, and non-perishable pantry items to ensure you have everything you need for seamless meal preparation. Think about versatile ingredients that can be used across multiple dishes to maximize convenience. Some providers will give you a food basked on arrival but some will not. Check with your chosen accommodation to understand what the facilities are.

4. Immerse Yourself in Local Experiences

While self-catering is great, you may want to get away from your accommodation for some days out. Visit nearby towns like Ledbury and Worcester, explore local markets, and engage in outdoor pursuits that the Malvern Hills are renowned for. Whether it's a leisurely hike or a cultural excursion, infuse your itinerary with the unique experiences the region has to offer. For inspiration, check out our top 10 things to do in the Malvern Hills guide.

View of a holiday cottage in the Malvern Hills
Malvern Hills Holiday Cottage

5. Choose the Perfect Accommodation

Before you dive into holiday preparations, selecting the right accommodation sets the tone for your entire trip. There are multiple places you can stay in the local area. At the Netherley Hall Estate, which is in walking distance of Malvern and British Camp, we offer a range of charming cottages of various sizes on our working farm which sits in the Malvern Hills AONB.

A successful self-catering holiday in the Malvern Hills hinges on thoughtful preparation and a spirit of adventure. Get prepared and enjoy your time away!



 We would love to host you and your family on the Estate for holidays, special occasions, business trips or simply a few days for you to unwind in beautiful surroundings. 

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